Demo 2013

by Full Zenith

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"How does a four-track demo capture a quarter-century of metal's influence with no schlock, no fluff, and no biting criticism? I'm not sure, but Full Zenith fucking do it. Perhaps *ahem* variations on a theme are exactly what metal needs. But we fucking knew that! So when so many managed to screw it up, how did Full Zenith manage to fucking nail it?"
---Heavy Planet Stoner Rock Blog,

"...their debut demo does have one fucked up vibe but it also includes some great riffs to headbang to....(y)eah I like this band very much."
---The Sludgelord,

"Unpredictable, their blend of heavy styles is simply amazing...the ferocious and filthy HC hooks delivered by those guys from Louisville (Kentucky) capture some of the nastiest influences of the mid-80's (from UK and Scandinavia) and those being basically prominent over the downtuned tempos - this gives a different vibe from your usual piece of meaty Sludge...Brutal, gnarly and extremely heavy, full of variations in the moods, this demo is really a promising debut..."
---Temple of Perdition Doom Webzine,


released March 8, 2013

Recorded in the Church of Wax, December 2012
Mixed by Austin Haines



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Full Zenith Louisville, Kentucky


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Track Name: Into the All Seeing Eye
Lost in the haze
Blanket of color
Eyes full of ashes and smoke//
Bound to this maze
Blind to the world
Pulse in your ears makes you choke//
Fade into darkness
Repeating it over and over
Fade into darkness
Smoke inching lower and lower

Ashes to ashes

Caught in the pattern
I'm caught in the pattern
Track Name: The Final Chapter
Ruler of worlds
Bringing demise
Evil reigns in a universe where we're made to die//
Existence suspended in eternal delusion
Consciousness slipping
I can't keep a grip on it all//
No solution

Chaos rules
Chaos reigns

The void is all
The void is nothing

Chaos rules, chaos reigns
Everything sacred will all fade away
Track Name: Become Death
I can never seem to remember that the future holds no permanence//
No foundation can't be broken
Everything good comes to an end

From the dirt of the earth
To the flame of the herb
Life rarely moves in reverse
Track Name: Suspended Disbelief
Shades of directionless
Color me clear; opaque
Jealous with fear//
I look to the sky with suspended disbelief
The earth isn't falling
I guess it's just me